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“One Last Chance”

Written by Dennis Fallon, Deborah Cade (Nashville Star) and Joel Jorgenson (Sony Records).  Unreleased demo.

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"The Best I Never Had"

Written by Dennis Fallon and BJ Perry.  Performed by Perry’s band, THE PRODUCT, a Detroit hard rock act.  This song was liscensed by the Detroit Red Wings to play at the team’s ice hockey arena during NHL home games. 

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"I’m Poison"

Written by Dennis Fallon for Japenese-American pop star, Juri, for her upcoming debut.  (Produced by Loren Israel and Brooke Heller).

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"I’m That Bitch Again"

Written by Dennis Fallon and Ashley Collard for Sunset Strip hard rock band, Olivia Flesh.  Produced by Loren Israel/Brooke Heller.  Recorded by Bradley Lodge (of Jive Records Recording Artist Sound Of Midnight).

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Produced by Loren Israel and recorded by Bradley Lodge (2011).

Performed by singer-songwriter Tamara Power-Drutis.  Written by Tamara and Dennis, produced and recorded by Dennis at London Bridge Studios, Seattle, WA (fall 2011).

Fallon’s own band, the dirty country of JAMES RIVER STATION, had their debut album produced by Loren Israel and recorded at the famous London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA. (Album releasing Spring 2011).

Produced by Bret Alexander (The Badlees, Breaking Benjamin), “The Breakup Song” was featured on the CBS television show “Big Bang Theory” in 2010.

For Los Angeles-based hard rock band, Olivia Flesh, off of the band’s debut EP.

From the debut EP of international pop singer, Juri (Produced by Brooke Heller/Loren Israel).